Musicians Federation

of India (MFI)


If music is a universal language, then Indian music is amongst the oldest and the most respected of those languages. And we, at MFI, are proud and humbled to be the flagbearers of this rich traditional and cultural legacy.

Instituted in 2004, Musicians Federation of India (MFI) is a professionally run NGO and a registered trade union, that represents the interests and rights of thousands of classical, traditional, and orchestra musicians as well as music composers, songwriters across India.

But the support to the artist fraternity is across borders since we’re affiliated to the International Federation of Musicians and are members of the International Music Council (Paris).

Our primary intention is the welfare of music artists, which includes copyrights and royalty as well as the lobbying of governments, both state and central.

We seek to create awareness about the significance that our music has at a cultural, social, as well as economic level. And, while increasing access and interest in music amongst the general public, both within India as well as internationally, the federation also advocate an appropriate framework that will allow equal rights and opportunities to musicians.

We invite every Indian music artist to join the MFI family.


Mission Statement

To create a sustainable Indian Music ecosystem that benefits all its stakeholders, protects their interests, and helps to promote them across India and the world.


MFI Objectives:

  1. Secure and enhance the livelihoods of MFI members

  2. Provide life-pension, health plans and other necessary schemes to members

  3. Support members with taxation and regulatory matters related to finance

  4. Support members with legal matters, including copyrights and royalty

  5. Promote equality and better working conditions for women artists

  6. Support financially weak artists with medical and financial assistance

  7. Discover talent from across the country and promote them on a local, national and international level

  8. Conduct music seminars and workshops across the nation

  9. Set up MFI centers in association with members and the music across India

  10. Institute MFI awards for the industry

  11. Lobby with concerned authorities/bodies

  12. Create a fund to preserve, protect and promote the traditional heritage music of India


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