Musicians Federation

of India (MFI)


Musicians Federation of India (MFI) is affiliated to the International Federation of Musicians (FIM), Paris,

registered with UNESCO and having its chapters in 70 countries across the world. The non-film musicians

and its audiences will be able to best utilize the opportunities of Digital World by way of forming an active

community. The Federation is glad to announce launching of GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF INDIAN MUSIC (GCIM).

GCIM’s objective is to create a direct bridge amongst the musicians and their audiences.For musicians we will

bring webinars on copyrights and other important subjects by experts and for audiences, we will bring in music

appreciation lessons and ‘connect with your favorite artist’ programs. As we all know, success in the DIGITAL

world demands every artist to establish direct connections with their fans and vice versa.


So, Dear Musicians and Music lovers, are you all ready to become the privileged founder patron of GCIM to Preserve, Protect, and Promote the non-film music genres? Together, we can make a huge community to take all our musical aspirations to the next level. We have to come together to digitally shape up the entire non-film music genres. 


Proposed benefits arising out of GCIM


For Artists

  • To impart the knowledge of copyrights, publishing, licensing, through webinars, seminars etc.

  • To help artists to monetize their content directly from their audiences

  •  To represent the niche genre musicians to the Government of India for resolving various problems

  • To work out health, instrument, travel insurance for artists

  • To assist artists in legal matters pertaining any litigation

  • To Explore opportunities overseas for niche musicians with the help of International Federation of Musicians

  • To hold workshops on music management and audience management techniques

  • To discover talented artists from classical, folk and other genres from across India

  • Exposure to the international musicians through International Federation of Musicians, Paris. 

  • Opportunity to be part of International Seminars organized by International Music Federations, Music Unions, Music Association, UNESCO, International Music Council (IMC).

  • And many more


For Audience

  • Webinars on Music Appreciation workshops

  • “Stay Connected with Your Favorite Artist” types of programs

  • Enjoy quality content from quality artists

  • To interact with other fellow audiences and create a platform to discuss music and musicians in general

  • To engage audiences with various talk shows, opinion polls, incentives etc

  • To create responsible audience quality development of the entire genres

  • Many more 

What you have to do


Please spare 3 minutes & click the below link, fill in the details, and press the submit button. We all can achieve the task of building GCIM faster if you introduce 20 of your known music lovers including family members, friend and relatives and request them to fill in the below form.


We invite music enthusiasts to help us in formation and building up this society.





  • The community will be able to function only if there is a reasonable number of audiences and artists available.

  • We may use platforms of other music companies also to reach out to audiences and artists.

  • We are not creating a social media platform

  • By way of forming a community, we will assist the artists community and the genres in general to reap the non-committal benefits of the digital world however, it all depends on the talent of the artists.

  • In the larger interest of artists and audiences, the community objectives may undergo changes.

  • GCIM is not a democratic format of organization.

International  Collaborations & Concerts

  • Hosted a Symphony Orchestra performance that featured 100 international Musicians

  • Hosted an Indo–China Music tour across various Indian cities, called ‘Silk Road’, featuring artists from China and India, for 3 consecutive years: 2016, 2017 & 2018. It received an overwhelming response

  • Represented India at the 10th China International Folk Arts Festival in August 2016, that showcased 20 talented artists from India

  • Organized a Europe Tour of Naad Yog group, a Kathak performing troupe, in July 2017

  • Hosted a ballet recital by ‘The Classical Ballet of Guangzhou’ (China) in Nagpur in February 2018

  • Performance of a Bollywood themed concert in Japan in April 2018, and many others….

Seminars & Workshops

  • International Music Workshop at South Central Cultural Zone (Nagpur) by Indian & Chinese Musicians in February 2016

  • Workshop at Mumbai University in February 2017

  • Copyrights Workshop in Mumbai in 2017

  • International Music Workshop by Jihangar Court Musicians of Mongolia, and many others….


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